Clive Self

MA (Urb Des) Dip LA CMLI

Managing Director

Celebrating 21 Years of CSA People ~ Enhanced Profile


A holistic approach to development

A Landscape Architect and Urban Designer at heart, Clive believes the most successful outcomes are achieved by drawing together all the threads that make up the natural and built environment. If this is done in a sensitive and appropriate manner then sustainable, attractive and environmentally friendly developments can be delivered across a wide range of schemes.

Clive is a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute and holds a Master’s degree in Urban Design. He began his career over 30 years ago and has worked for both national housebuilders and private practices. Clive has worked throughout the UK, the USA and Middle East, on a wide range of projects.

In 1998 Clive founded CSA and has since built a reputation for creating developments with a strong sense of place. Clive has also established himself as a formidable expert witness and has given evidence on a wide range of projects, ranging from airport expansions to new settlements – that has resulted in appearances at several hundred Public Inquiries and Hearings, throughout the UK.

Inquiries are the ultimate demonstration of CSA’s professionalism. They require a strong and transparent analytical approach, an in-depth knowledge of policy and the ability to produce supporting evidence that stands up to the toughest scrutiny.

In a recent appeal a major housing scheme was approved by the Secretary of State alongside the Buffer Zone to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with Clive’s evidence successfully demonstrating how landscape harm would be avoided and the setting of the WHS protected. The masterplan, which CSA created, also showed that by referencing the historic assets of the area a development with a strong sense of place could be created.

Although Clive is an expert in delivering complex, large scale developments, he is all too aware that smaller schemes, in sensitive locations for example, can be just as challenging and rewarding. But like everyone in the CSA team, Clive is not driven purely by achieving planning consents. He is equally passionate about enhancing the natural and built environment.

“All our disciplines – landscape, ecology, urban design and heritage – feed into the development process and are based on a proper analysis of opportunities and constraints. I am proud of how our holistic approach to development which helps to deliver successful outcomes for Developers and Public Bodies and net environmental gains.”

”The model we have is very successful. We will continue to serve our clients and be responsive to their needs, ensuring that developments are informed by a detailed understanding of the natural and built environment to enable robust and attractive environments to be created.”