Michelle Bullock


Principal Ecologist

Michelle has worked in professional consultancy since 2012 and joined CSA Environmental in 2015.

Michelle has a broad knowledge of legislation and planning policy in relation to nature conservation and provides input at all project stages, from identification of ecological constraints and opportunities to inform site design, through to post-planning discharge of planning conditions. Michelle also has extensive experience in undertaking ecological survey and assessment, and in designing mitigation solutions for a variety of projects, ranging from small-scale re-development projects to large-scale housing developments and renewable energy schemes. She produces Preliminary Ecological Appraisals, Ecological Impact Assessments and CSH/BREEAM assessments; and she prepares applications for Natural England mitigation licences.

Michelle undertakes botanical surveys and a range of protected species surveys including badger, water vole, otter and reptiles. In addition, she holds survey licences for bats, dormouse and great crested newt.