Philippa Heath

BA (Hons) MA

Landscape Architect

Celebrating 21 Years of CSA People ~ Enhanced Profile


Philippa has been fascinated by landscape all her life. Today her interest is helping her to design well-considered schemes that marry commercial objectives with environmental benefits.

Throughout her education Philippa had two main passions; Art & Design and Geography. Her BA in Geography, followed by a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield, has allowed her to pursue a career that combines both. Philippa’s vision, imagination and attention to detail won her a Landscape Institute Award for Design Excellence for her design work as part of her Masters degree.

Whether it’s a rural or an urban setting, Philippa’s focus is to help deliver schemes that respect the existing environment and improve its quality wherever possible. Philippa believes this is the basis of designing places people want to live in, work in or visit.

Philippa’s most challenging project to date has also been her most rewarding; a landscape masterplan for a settlement edge development on a challenging landform. “By working closely with the entire consultant team, we were able to help develop a holistic vision and solution. We decided to design the highest part of the site to be a new neighbourhood park which was a real treat to be behind the strategy for.”

Although Philippa spends much of her time on-site, a significant part of her work involves detailed desk research, as well as discussing the challenges and opportunities of a given site with other members of CSA’s multi-disciplinary team. “Having four different disciplines in one practice allows us to share knowledge and insight wherever we can. We can solve any potential issues as they arise and make sure that all teams understand any specific constraints from a very early stage.”

Now in her third year in practice, Philippa is focused on the challenges ahead. In keeping with CSA’s philosophy, she’s keen to play her part in nurturing the Landscape Architects of tomorrow and returns on a regular basis to the University of Sheffield as a visiting tutor on their Masters course in Landscape Architecture.

Younger generations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the environment and how critical it is to our future. As development comes under increasing scrutiny, Philippa knows that demonstrating innovative ways of delivering essential schemes and infrastructure alongside environmental gain is crucial.

“As the demand for housing increases, we also face much wider challenges of climate change and demand for resources. All stakeholders in the planning process will need to work more closely together. We’ll need to cultivate a more holistic understanding of landscape and planning in order to meet the challenges of the future.”