Corporate Responsibility

Carbon Offsetting

At CSA we acknowledge the importance of climate change and are committed to assessing and offsetting the company’s carbon footprint.

Working in conjunction with Carbon Footprint Ltd, we have assessed our greenhouse emissions and are offsetting these through tree planting work in the UK and by supporting a reduced deforestation and degredation project in the Brazilian Amazon. These projects not only contribute to CO2  assimilation from the atmosphere, but also provide biodiversity benefits, socio-economic benefits and enhancement of the local landscape.

CSA has been assessed under the Carbon Footprint Standard and qualifies as a Carbon Neutral Plus Organisation.

Charitable Involvements

CSA are currently supporting Thrive, a really worthwhile national charity where we see a connection to the landscape work we undertake as a practice.

Thrive supports around 1,400 people who are living with disability, ill health, isolation or vulnerability each year across four regional centres (Battersea, Reading and Birmingham) by involving them in gardening projects which bring about positive changes.

The key benefits are better physical health, improved mental health, reduced isolation, increased confidence and self-esteem, and simply feeling better for being outdoors.

Some of our staff have also had fun completing various sponsored events to support the charity, such as the Ride for London and the New Forest Marathon.

Please follow this link to find out more about Thrive and the valuable work they undertake.

CSA also supports a range of other charities each year, often selected as a result of local links with staff or in connection with charity raising by our clients.