Our teams of highly qualified and experienced ecologists have the rare ability to balance scientific integrity and a passion for ecological issues with an objectivity that comes from understanding the commercial pressures you face.

We’ll use our knowledge to identify potential conflicts early in the development process and devise strategies to mitigate. So you can be confident that your project won’t go off the rails because of an unforeseen constraint.

We’re flexible too: from protected species surveys to Ecological Impact Assessments, whatever support you need, our team will be on hand to offer practical, reliable advice.

Ecological Assessments

We recognise that ecological assessments can be required for a wide range of reasons and a ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work.

Assessments may be needed to inform site purchase proposals, land promotion or for submission with a planning application. We’ll make sure we understand your commercial needs at the outset and we will use our experience to determine the best approach.

Protected Species Surveys

Legislative requirements have driven the demand for protected species surveys and we have enormous experience in survey and mitigation for a wide range of species.

Our ecologists hold survey and development licences for European protected species including bats, great crested newts and dormice. More importantly, we also have the knowledge and experience to resolve constraints when issues are uncovered.

CSA Ecology Survey Timetable

Habitat Surveys

Most site assessments start with a Phase 1 habitat survey – a simple technique for mapping the different habitats present on site. This is often just the first step, and our botanists are on hand should more detailed botanical survey work be suggested.

Where invasive weeds are identified, such as Japanese knotweed, further specialist survey work may be required to develop an appropriate containment and eradication strategy.