Detailed Botanical Surveys

When early investigations suggest that a valuable habitat or rare plant species may be present on a development site it’s often necessary to complete a more detailed botanical assessment. This may take the form of specific surveys to detect a particular species or species group or it may be appropriate to use the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) survey technique to obtain an accurate picture of plant communities.

CSA calendar Habitats Vegetation survey

Detailed botanical surveys are generally undertaken between spring and summer, with the optimum survey period varying with the habitat and location. Our ecologists will advise on what surveys may be appropriate and our experts are on hand to complete the necessary investigations.

Hedgerow Survey

Important hedgerows are protected from removal by the Hedgerows Regulations 1997. Biodiversity, landscape and archaeological factors are used to identify important hedgerows.

We can assess hedgerows to determine whether or not they qualify as ‘Important’. We can also advise on which hedgerows may be considered the most ecologically valuable. In terms of development, the grant of planning permission overrides the protection of the Hedgerows Regulations but our assessments can be important in developing an acceptable scheme.

Botanical Surveys
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